Your journey begins with a customized approach.

I have extensive experience working with clients, whose lives have been adversely affected by alcohol and other drugs, including prescription medications. In many cases their relationships and/or careers are in jeopardy, but reaching out for help can be difficult. Often people are reluctant to seek treatment due to the stigma regarding addiction that unfortunately still exists in our society.  I don’t view addiction as a weakness or moral failing, but rather as a primary illness resulting from complex biopsychosocial factors. The labels alcoholic and addict are off putting for some people, and I’m less interested in labeling someone’s behavior, than assisting them to overcome their dependence on a substance which is preventing them from living a healthy, purposeful life.

I’m also experienced in treating compulsive behavior related to gambling, video gaming, and internet porn. While labeling these types of behaviors as addictions is controversial, research has consistently demonstrated that they are similarly capable of addictive properties, and in my experience the impact on people’s lives can be as destructive as substance abuse.